o    Estimated 300 attendees will attend and see the potential of having their event in your space.
o    Local media reporters, bloggers, and social influencers will attend the β€œmedia only preview” prior to the show being open to the public, which will draw media attention to your venue and the show, and entice those last minute attendee sign ups to ensure maximum attendance.
o    Participating in the giveaways is a great way to increase attendee engagement in your venue

If you partner with the show by offering complimentary / discounted venue rental:
o    Your venue will be marketed as a sponsor on our website, social media pages, mobile app, radio advertisements, and potentially on TV.
o    You will have your own dedicated space within the show to provide marketing and booking information to attendees.
o    You will have your own icon within the mobile app where you can provide marketing information, booking requirements, incentive pricing for attendees, etc.
o    No other venues will be allowed to participate or advertise in the show.
o    We can create an attendee survey with questions provided by you, giving insight on their thoughts about your venue and the show itself.

See below for images from our February 2017 Show in North Miami Beach, Florida | Shot by St. Clerv Photo