Exhibiting In or Sponsoring a Show Should Be A Smart Business Move

Should be?  We say this because it definitely should be, but we've all heard horror stories of shows gone bad.  We truly care and are invested in each and every exhibitor and sponsor involved with The Bridal & Event Show - and we plan and execute strategic marketing plans to ensure their success in our show.

6 Signs That We're Invested In This Show's Success

1) We routinely schedule one on one meetings with interested exhibitors and sponsors (no strings attached, no pressure) at the show's venue.

We take the time to meet with each person individually, walk them through the entire venue, while explaining the vision for the show, and showing the most profitable spaces for their businesses.

2) We have social media pages, a website, mobile app, and a blog dedicated exclusively to the show.

This show is it's own standalone brand.  If you've noticed, you don't see us, the Show Producer Affinity Event Creative, continuously mixing our company messaging and branding with the show's.  Will you hear from us occasionally? Definitely.  Will we have exhibitor space at the show? Absolutely not. This show exists to promote the exhibitors and sponsors.  Period.  Exhibitors and sponsors will be listed on the show website and mobile app with their contact info and a short bio.

3) Exhibitor and Sponsor Concierge

The day of the show there will be one staff member who is solely dedicated to our exhibitors and sponsors.  Exhibitors and Sponsors will be introduced to this person upon arrival, and given their phone number - and at any given point this concierge can be reached immediately through phone call or text.

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4) VIP Consultations

For our VIP attendees, we offer complimentary consultations with show staff members inside of our VIP Lounge.  This is where we will discuss the exhibitors and sponsors they're interested in, the show experience, and next steps.  This is where we "Seal the Deal".  

**For exhibitors and sponsors who wish for us to schedule appointments or book clients for them, it will be done during this consultation!  You will provide us your calendar one week prior to the show so we know your availability and will schedule the appointments / book clients for you.  All appointments / booking paperwork will be sent to you within 24 hours of the show.**



5) Personal Communication with Attendees

Our communication with attendees doesn't stop when they purchase their ticket for the show, this is merely the beginning.  We will send them periodic emails leading up to the show on various topics:  Event Design and Inspiration (from our exhibitors and sponsors), Show Tips, Event Planning Tips, and general information.  As this is a lifestyle show, we connect with attendees before, during, and after the show.

6) Booking Before, During, & After the show

Last, but certainly not least, we encourage people to book our exhibitors and sponsors before, during, and after the show!  If you take a look at our homepage (www.thebridalandeventshow.com) it offers us to personally help them select their vendors!  During the show we encourage this through our mobile app and our VIP consultations, and we will also have show staff walking around asking attendees how they're doing and if they need any assistance with selecting vendors for their event.  After the show all of our exhibitors and some of our sponsors will receive the list of registered show attendees for them to follow up with.  We will also still offer complimentary consultations with people who are still looking for vendors for their events.