Our show is designed to be an interactive experience where your work and expertise can truly speak for itself

Think of us as more like a creative outlet.  There aren't cookie cutter boundaries at this show.

Top 3 Reasons To Exhibit With Us

1) The return you will receive on your investment in the show far outweighs the exhibitor fees.

2) Your talent will be on display throughout the venue, in various ways (fashion shows, design gallery, etc.) at no additional charge to you.  The venue becomes your playground. 

3) Our comprehensive marketing plan enables you to reach attendees before, during, and after the show.

What differentiates us from other shows

  • Strategic Marketing Plan
    • Email Marketing: For Attendees: we highlight new exhibitors, sponsors, and provide tips on how to get the most of the show experience. For Exhibitors: we provide collaboration opportunities and tips on how to get the most of their show experience.
    • Local Marketing: When you register as an exhibitor, we also request photos of your work - which we will use for social media advertising, email campaigns, this website,  and the event app.  We also produce a styled shoot that show vendors can participate in and receive full rights to all images.  These images will be used on the marketing collateral for the show and submitted to blogs / magazines!
      • Media Only Show Preview: Prior to opening the show to the public, we are hosting a Media Only Preview with local news reporters, bloggers, and social influencers, who you can mix and mingle with!
        • We provide the invited bloggers and media figures with their own customized discount code to use when promoting to their followers!  We also give them access to our marketing images for use on their pages.

      • Google AdWords: We purchase google ads that run continuously the month of the show.  We often update the ad with special promotion for the day, i.e. 10% off on the 10th, etc.
      • Radio Advertisements: We would potentially launch a radio campaign which will reach over 1 Million listeners area each time they hear the ad.
      • Social Media Advertisements: We are running continuous Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest ads and will make routine posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
        • We encourage you to promote the show on your own websites and social media pages.
      • TV Advertisements: We will possibly also run television commercials.
      • Local News Outlets:  We will evaluate the marketing ROI of each local media vehicle to determine if we will purchase ad space.

      • PR Company:  We will also potentially partner with a local PR firm to assist us in our marketing efforts.

  • Comparable Cost, Incomparable Value
    • Our exhibitor fees are comparable to other local shows, however our show experience and creative freedom is not.  Be bold. Be Brilliant.
  • Expansive Attendee Base
    • We invite both prospective personal and professional clientele to the show.  You will see and connect with boutique owners, brides, venue managers, news reporters, party throwers, grooms, brand reps, bridal parties and more.  Your work can be translated into more than weddings, but into fashion shows, grand openings, customer appreciation events, etc. through the various vignettes and displays.   There are no limits to creativity or possibility with The Bridal & Event Show.
  • The Experience
    • Due to our unique layout, attendees will feel as if they're attending a special event versus a crowded traditional bridal show.  They will be more relaxed, inspired, and able to correlate their vision for their event with your work.
    • Increased attendee engagement
      • Conduct a workshop or live demonstration to engage attendees
      • Provide special promotions to encourage booking at the show.
      • Social media promotion gives attendees visibility to your company before, during, and after the show.
    • Turned Styled Shoots Into Profit
      • Attendees can witness you and your craft in person versus on social media.

We would be more than happy to chat with you and explain the show design in more detail and discuss the space options available that would be most profitable for your business.

Our priority is two-fold: to maximize the return on your investment in the show and for us to provide an unforgettable attendee experience.